• Friday May 26,2023
  • 10:47:35
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    China has resumed electricity transmission to Vietnam through Guangxi channel after a 7-yr halt since Mar 2016, the Belt and Road Portal reported on May 25. The resumption came after China Southern Power Grid inked an electricity sales deal with Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) on May 23 to transfer power via 110 KV power lines from Shengou in S China's Guangxi region to Mong Cai in Vietnam.

  • 09:59:27
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    China's largest coal-fired power project in Shanghaimiao, located in Inner Mongolia, started full operation after the No.4 steam turbine successfully completed a 168-hour trial run.

  • 09:17:35
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    China's installed wind power and solar power capacity combined reached 820 GW by the end of April 2023, accounting for 30.9% of China's total power capacity, according to the National Energy Administration.

  • Thursday May 25,2023
  • 15:14:00
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    Inner Mongolia Mengdian Huaneng Thermal Power Corp Ltd, the first listed power company in the region, expected power coal supply to be in a moderate tightness status during the upcoming summer peak demand season, with robust power demand, delcine in the share of coal-fired power generation and weak wind power generation.

  • 11:27:50
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    S China's Guangdong province vowed to build coal storage capacity to 33 Mt by 2025, including 6 Mt of government's dispatchable capacity, according to a work plan for promoting high-quality energy development issued by the provincial energy authority on May 24.

  • Wednesday May 24,2023
  • 17:31:05
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    Daily crude steel output at key member firms of China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) stood at 2.25 Mt during May 11-20, dipping 0.24% compared with the previous ten days.

  • 13:49:46
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    China's 10 largest coal mining groups (in terms of production) produced 778.5 Mt of raw coal during Jan-Apr 2023, rising 23.03 Mt or 3.05% YoY, according to statistics released by China National Coal Association.

  • Monday May 22,2023
  • 15:04:23
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    Mongolia's coal major SouthGobi Resources sold 600 Kt of coal in Q1, incl. 330 Kt of premium semi-soft coking coal, 10 Kt of standard semi-soft coking coal or premium thermal coal, and 260 Kt of washed coking coal. The miner produced 560 Kt of raw coal during the same period. The miner's coal production and sales were zero in the same period in 2022 due to COVID impact.

  • 11:18:45
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    India's NTPC issued a tender looking for 3 Mt of imported coal for summer use, specifying CV of 5,000 Kcal/kg GAR, ash, total moisture not exceeding 35%. The tender will be conducted in three tranches, each comprising 1 Mt.

  • Friday May 19,2023
  • 14:03:52
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    Coal-rich Inner Mongolia, one of the three leading coal mining bases in China, has commenced the construction of the Taohutu coal mine with 8 Mtpa capacity, following a groundbreaking ceremony on May 18 in the Nalinhe mining district of the region.

  • 09:14:19
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    Canada's coal exports stood at 3.56 Mt in Mar, down 4.53% YoY but rising 25.08% MoM, official statistics showed. Japan was Canada's largest coal export destination, with shipment at 1.22 Mt, up 53.71% YoY and 17.53% MoM. This is followed by China, at 892,100 T, falling 24.24% YoY but rising 0.30% MoM.

  • Thursday May 18,2023
  • 14:50:29
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    Coal production in Russia's Kuzbass totaled 73 Mt over Jan-Apr 2023, down 2.9% YoY, data from Ministry of Coal Industry of Kuzbass showed.

  • Tuesday May 16,2023
  • 16:21:32
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    ESDM on May 15 issued thermal coal price reference (HBA) for May, with HBA (6,322 Kcal/kg GAR) at $206.16/t, down $59.1/t from Apr, HBA I (5,200 Kcal/kg GAR) at $119.64/t, up $17.11/t MoM, and HBA II (4,200 Kcal/kg GAR) down $5.58/t to $82.23/t.

  • 14:33:34
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    China's coke production reached 160 Mt in the first 4 months of 2023, up 3.7% YoY; crude steel production rose 4.1% to 350 Mt; pig iron production rose 5.8% to 300 Mt; finished steel production was 450 Mt, up 5.2%, NBS data showed.

  • 10:53:05
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    China's power generation of all sources totaled 658.4 TWh in Apr, a 6.1% YoY rise. Daily average stood at 21.95 TWh. Thermal power (most from coal burning) generation totaled 449.4 TWh, up 11.5% YoY; hydropower declined 25.9% to 68.4 TWh; wind 82.9 TWh, up 20.9%; nuclear 34.5 TWh, up 5.7%; solar 23.1 TWh, down 3.3%, NBS data showed.

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